Assistance in determinating

Identification of bramble specimens in the field or of properly collected herbarium material of Rubus is usually easy to the expert but it can be time-consuming and sometime dissapointing if you are a beginner, particularly in mountainous regions with a higher amount of singular and local biotypes. Insufficient keys may also be a source of frustration and uncertainty. In addition to the careful use of good keys (see Publications) it is strongly recommended setting up your own herbarium-collection for comparing. This is by far the best way to learn about the characteristic features of the Rubus species that occur in your region.
We like to offer assistance in determining brambles. Everybody who is seriously interested in getting familiar with brambles will be supported. So get yourself some handy pruning scissors and follow the Instructions for collecting (also available in German: Sammelanleitung).
If you wish to send herbarium material for identification, please contact one of us before. Please, send only duplicates. Unless no other agreement has been made the specimens will not be sent back.

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